Is America the best at sports?

Is America the most athletic country in the world? Of course, it is, we dominate in the Olympics, baseball, football, and basketball and even our college sports trump other countries' athletics events. We are the best of the best and have the greatest competition on Earth.
First, we crush other countries in the Olympics. America holds 2, 548 medals but that is doubled compared to the country that comes in second, the USSR, which has 1,204 medals. Also, America has hosted 8 Olympic games which are the most any country has hosted.
Second, when it comes to pro sports we are also a much better country. The NBA is the best basketball league in the world. Players from other countries want to come here to play, for example, Bol Bol who is from Sudan, Dirk Nowitzki who is from Germany, and Yao Ming who is from China all came here to play basketball. Now, this is the same with baseball. There are many other countries with good baseball leagues and even good national teams but a lot of the players work to make it to America so they can show they can play with the best competition on the globe.
Last, college sports in America are just elite. Even small JUCO schools and NAIA schools are bigger than the ones in other countries. An example of how big college sports are in America compared to other countries is that 22 million people watched the college football national championship but only 6 million watched the British Open.
In summary, America is the best sports country in the world, dominating in so many sports. In my unbiased opinion, I think America is not just the greatest country in the world, we are the most athletic country in the world.

Do you think America is the best at sports?

Are you a sports fan?

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  • Good topic choice Avery! I do think your summary could be expanded and be sure to use sources to back up what you say. You also only repled a few times--three per page.

  • I think that america is one of if not the most athletic country in the world because almost every year the united states is in the top 5 for most over all medals. I am a sports fan and I love watching the olympics and I fallow many american teams.

  • I think American is one of the best when it comes to certain sports. Football we are the best because they isn't any other "NFL" around the world. As stated the NFL, NBA, and MLB are the best organization around the world. I am a sports for. GO HAWKS

  • I think the U.S is good at the sports we play. However, when it comes to sports like rugby, soccer and more, many European countries are better than the U.S. Also, we often get beat by places like Jamaica in sprinting. This is probably because this sport it popular in that country.

  • I think America is really good at sports but there are sports that we aren't the best at. There are a lot of countries who have sports that we don't have in America yet they still have the sports we have as well. Also just because we are really good at one sport doesn't mean we're just as good at another, the same goes for any other country.

  • I think America is best at certain sports but not all. Because, not many americans play cricket and rugby but we are very good at wrestling and football. However, many Brazillians are better at soccer and Canada is better at hockey. I think its very intertaining to watch the olympics and see all the countrys vs and whos the best. 

  • I think that America is one of best at sports. I also think that their are other countrys that are up there as well. I think that were not the best in the world but we are up there just as well as others. I am a huge sports fan when it comes to America facing other countrys.

  • We're fairly good at the sports only we play, which is pretty much just football. But compared to other countries we pretty much only really compare with them when it comes to basketball. With sports like soccer we aren't the greatest compared to other countries who have a nationwide interest in it.

  • America is great with sports, but not all sports. Countries like Argentia and Portugal, places like Brazil, are amazing at sports like soccer. I'd say Im a sports fan, but I don't watch certain sports.

  • I believe that America is the best at certain sports and bad at other sports. For example, America is by far the best country for basketball, but they are terrible for soccer. Personally, I am a big fan of football, baseball, and basketball.

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