Is a vegan diet really healthy?

So what does being a vegan really mean? Veganism is defined as “the practice of abstaining from the use and consumption of animals or animal products.” But the controversial question is, is being vegan really healthy, or is it just a recent movement and “trend”?


A vegan diet can cause those to lose nutrients such as vitamin B12, creatine, carnosine, vitamin D3 and many more. Although there are supplements and vitamins for those eating a vegan diet, there are some nutrients you simply can’t get from plants. Some also say that veganism can lead to poor dietary choices. The thought of this diet can also cause unrealistic expectations for some. 


Many people convert to a vegan diet for ethical or environmental concerns. For some, it also offers a “healthier lifestyle”. There have not been many studies of those on a vegan diet, but those who are vegan believe it is a healthier way to live. There are also many different types of vegan diets. Some vegans use supplements and vitamins to get those missing nutrients in their diet. As veganism is growing, there are becoming more plant alternatives, which can include those nutrients.


I believe that a vegan diet can be healthy if done correctly. If not done correctly, I think it can be damaging and leave a bad reputation for veganism. I  would never do a vegan diet, as my family eats a lot of beef, chicken, and pork along with using a large amount of animal products. 

Do you think veganism is healthy?


Would you ever try a vegan diet?


What are your thoughts on veganism?


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    • I agree that it can be good but yet it can be bad. In the end, it can be hard to find good substitutes for things.

  • I do not think the veagan diet is healthy. It would be very hard to get all of the correct nutriets you need naturally, without eating products from animals. However, they may be able to get these nutrients from supplements made in a factory. People also don't realize how many products, other than food, come from animals. For example, make-up, deodrant, glue, soap, candles, crayons, engine coolant, and more come from cattle alone. So in order to not use aniamal products, you would have to give up several other products. I would not try the vegan diet.

    • I agree that meat is very important to get nutrients, along with the amount of animal products that people use every single day. Those products are very important to our day-to-day lives and it would be hard to eliminate all of them.

  • I don't think that vegan diets are not completely healthy. I think that everybody needs to eat meat at some point in their life more than once. I would never try a vegan diet but I might try some vegan options. I wouldn't make it a full diet. 

  • I do think veganism is healthy if you do it right, I have a friend who is vegan and she's perfecty healthy.  I would try a vegan diet once I move out and dont live with my parents because my parents eat a lot of meat and animal products. Im not sure if I could give up chocolate though.

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