Is a vegan diet really healthy?

So what does being a vegan really mean? Veganism is defined as “the practice of abstaining from the use and consumption of animals or animal products.” But the controversial question is, is being vegan really healthy, or is it just a recent movement and “trend”?


A vegan diet can cause those to lose nutrients such as vitamin B12, creatine, carnosine, vitamin D3 and many more. Although there are supplements and vitamins for those eating a vegan diet, there are some nutrients you simply can’t get from plants. Some also say that veganism can lead to poor dietary choices. The thought of this diet can also cause unrealistic expectations for some. 


Many people convert to a vegan diet for ethical or environmental concerns. For some, it also offers a “healthier lifestyle”. There have not been many studies of those on a vegan diet, but those who are vegan believe it is a healthier way to live. There are also many different types of vegan diets. Some vegans use supplements and vitamins to get those missing nutrients in their diet. As veganism is growing, there are becoming more plant alternatives, which can include those nutrients.


I believe that a vegan diet can be healthy if done correctly. If not done correctly, I think it can be damaging and leave a bad reputation for veganism. I  would never do a vegan diet, as my family eats a lot of beef, chicken, and pork along with using a large amount of animal products. 

Do you think veganism is healthy?


Would you ever try a vegan diet?


What are your thoughts on veganism?


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  • Great topic choice and well done Addison!

  • I personally don't think a vegan diet is healthy because you are missing out on so many vitamins and minerals in your food. I would never try a vegan diet because it would be to hard in my opinion and it wouldn't be fun. My thoughts are that if you take supplements while being on a vegan diet then it's okay.

  • I think it can be healthy but also unhealthy at the same time. I will not try to be a vegan at all, I like meat and I don't like every vegitable/fruit and having a salad every day does not sound fun. I think veganism is sad sometimes because meat is good especially steak but I mean I won't judge someone just because they're a vegan.

  • I agree that it can be healthy but there are just somethings missing. For some people it work but not for others. I think that it just depends on the person. And I also think that since there is no protein in the diet this is not a great diet to do.

  • I think that it is very unhealthy. You body need real protien to live and can't live off of plants and non animal product. I think that veagan diets are the dumbest thing ever half of the crap you are eating is worse for you than eating real food. People that do that are just trying to save animals well they are ment to be eaten. 

    • I agree that it can be worse than eating meat. I also agree that it's hard to live off plants and not use any animal products.

  • In my opinion, vegans definetly loose a lot of needed nutritien, but I also think that they can get those proteins from plants, or vegan alternatives. I also think that it can be good to be vegan, but personally, I don't think that I would ever be able to comit to it.

  • I don't think veganism is healthy because you are not getting all of your protein like you should be. No I would never try vegan diet because I like meat and not really anything without meat.  My thought on veganism is not really cool because like I said you should have your protein like meat.

  • In my view, you need the nutrients and not necessarily specific products. So you can definetly can get most of the nutrients from plants. I would like to add that many animals also get some kind of supplement with their food because otherwise they wouldn't get enough nutrients. And then, when you eat the animal product you also get the nutrients. Moreover, many animal products include bad things like cholestrol and plant-based products don't include them but have other good things like fiber. So, I think that a vegan diet definetly can be healthy if you do it right. I try to avoid animal products and eat as vegan as possible. 

    • I agree that it sometimes can be healthy if done correctly. It takes a lot of dedication to have a vegan diet. If eating vegan is what works for you, then that's great. But, it just sometimes doesn't fit into the lifestyle of others. It personally would definitely not fit into mine, as we raise beef cattle and consume a large amount of meat along with using a large amount of animal products. In my opinion, eating meat is the easiest and healthiest option to get nutrients.

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