Is a College Education Essential?

Many while deciding whether or not to go to college probably wonder how essential a college education is. What could also play into their decision is what they wanted to do after high school. If you know what you want to do after high school and it requires a college education like a teacher, doctor, or lawyer then a college education is pretty essential. If your career choice does not need a college education then it's not essential for you.


It could be argued that college is essential because having a college education gets you more benefits, earns more money, and is more likely for you to like your job. A study showed that “bachelor’s degree holders earned 64 percent more than those with a high school diploma”. A bachelor’s degree on estimate can make you earn up to $1 million more than someone who chooses college isn't for them. In 2020 almost two-thirds of jobs required a post-secondary education like a trade school or college. Most people post getting a college education can get good benefits and perks like; 401K, health insurance, eye care insurance, dental insurance, and paid time off. Besides getting more benefits and money, college may help you learn important life skills and make you happier with your job.


On the other hand, some may say college is not essential because the cost outbalances the benefits of going to college, some people want to go into a trade, and even if you have a  college degree you may not get a high-paying job. The cost of college is rising every year. According to the source “more than 50% of American students have $30,000 of debt when they graduate”. For some people, a trade is more reasonable because of the cost of college. There are many trades that don't require a college education and make good money like; a firefighter, a flight attendant, and a delivery truck driver. 


I think depending on what career you want to go into it can be argued whether or not a college education is essential for the individual.  


Do you want to go to college?

Is a college education essential for the career you want?

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  • Well done Claire! Be sure to hyperlink to any sources you use, such as the study you mentioned.

  • I do want to go to college. I think that, in the modern world, college is definitely nessacary for most carreer choices. Having college on your resume is even helpful for getting a higher pay at a buisness. Even if you want to make your own buisness, the buisness and economic classes are extremely helpful. 

  • I think that it just depends on what you want to do and who you are. Some people will go to work after high school and some might go to colleges and trade schools. I don't think that a college education is essential depending on what you want to do and it should be a personal preference.

  • I don't think college is essential for those who do not want to go into professions with little education requirements. College is expensive and explotative, using money from needy teenagers, leaving them with a chance of no job and hundrends of thousands of dollars in debt.

  • I do not plan on going to college. I would like to go into woodworking, and farm, so I may go to a trade school, but not a 4+ year college. I think you can be very successful without going to college, and make a good amount of money. Without going to college you can save a large amount of money, and get into the field of making money faster.

    • I agree with you that even without going to college you can still get a good, well-paying job and be very successful in life.  College is not for everyone and there are many good jobs that don't require a college degree like what you said farming and woodworking.

  • i dont think college is essintial to have a good job or to make good money. you ca  go to a trade school and still make the same if not more money than some jobs you have to have a college education for.

  • I dont think im going to go to college because id rather focus on myself and go to a trade school. Also i belive that a college education should not be essential for the carrer you want but it really depends what you do. I personally have seen a lot of people be succsesfull and not go to college or a trade school. Both of my mom and my dad did not do any college education and my dad had his own bisnesses and was very succsesfull. I belive you do ot need a college education to follow your dreams.

  • Personally, I am planning on attending college and gaining a higher education and degree. I am going to college for my own personal wants and not because it is forced upon me. My field I plan on majoring in needs a higher education, but other jobs really don't need college. Overall, I think that whether college is essential or not strictly depends on your plan in major and career.

  • I do not want to go to college because it is a waste of time. College is not a priority to me because what I want to do does not require a college degree. I do not like school much less college because I'm not a fan of school because there is much work to do.

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