Hurricane Ian

The gas prices in America are at an all-time high one reason is Joe Biden closing the gas pipeline. And hurricane ian that slowed down oil refining speed. plus other countries need some to make power cause they can't or don't have enough resources to make their own. 

The first reason is in the pipeline. Joe Biden closed the Keystone pipeline in 2021. So he stopped the production of the pipeline. So then places like Nebraska oil refineries can't get enough crude oil to make gas and oil. So then that slowed making of gas makes the gas prices go up. 

The second reason why is because of hurricane Ian. Hurricane Ian when it came it shut down oil drills and refineries in the Gulf of Mexico. So then not enough raw oil was coming into the u.s.  So because of that gas prices went up 15 cents per gallon. It doesn't seem like that much, but the more you buy, the more it goes up.  

The last reason is because of the gas deficit in other countries. We shit out crude oil out to countries like Saudi Arabia. Russia, Canada, China, Iraq, and many more. So all those countries that we sell to it less oil we have for fuel. So just him shutting it down made the gas prices rise from $1 to anywhere to $4. It depends on where you are and how many people live there. 

Do you think this was a good choice that he made?


If you were him, what would you do differently? 

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  • Your title is a bit misleading as your story is really about gas/oil prices. Be sure to make your title fit your story. I do like that you gave bettert effort on this topic Tyler! You didn't reply to any student comments which is worth 30 points. 

  • I think that wasn't a good idea to close the pipeline. I do think that if the pipeline was still open it could cause issues down the line but I think it would be fine because it is underground, I think. People will now continue and complain more because gas prices are still continuing to go up really high.

  • I dont think he should have closed the pipeline because it will cause a lot of drawback and overtime to get it back up. It will probaly cause a lot of inflation because they will need to charge more because they will have less supply of it. 

  • nd the I think that he could have kept the pipline open, I don;t really know why he maid that decision but it caused a lot of inflasion and the people of america do not like that. I think that I would keep the pipline open and trim not to have inflation.

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