Extra Credit Opportunities

All extra credit is done individually unless specifically stated otherwise. You can earn up to 50 extra credit points per quarter. I believe students should always have a second chance if a test or project didn't go their way if they are willing to work for it.

1. Video Interview

You can do a video interview of someone about some aspect of history, current events, or HCHS News. This extra credit option is worth up to 15 points(based on quality and length). 


  • Interview your grandfather about the war he served in
  • Interview your mom or dad about what it was like in high school compared to today
  • Interview any of the new teachers in the high school

2. Video documentary

You can make a video documentary on some aspect of history, current events, or social issues. This extra credit option is worth up to 15 points(based on quality and length). Example of a history documentary    

  • History of the Dallas Cowboys
  • History of Barbie dolls
  • Donald Trump's or Joe Biden's background


3. Taking pictures

You can take pictures of US historic events(US History) or current events(CWI). Up to two points extra credit per picture. Pictures must be taken by you starting from today and uploaded to the "Photos" section of my website. You must also give a brief summary of what is historic about your picture when uploading.

World History Students-In order to take advantage of this option, you will need to travel outside the US to get pictures.


3. Movie/Documentary/Book/Videogame

You can watch a historical movie/documentary, read a non-fiction historical/current events book, or play a history based videogame and type up a 3/4th of a page summary and review for up to ten points


4. Reading assigned Chapter-US/World History only

You can read the current chapter from the textbook that we are covering in class. Five points per chapter will be given once I get a note/emai lfrom a parent/guardian. You can also read the chapter in Study Hall and have your teacher email me that you read it.


5. Note taking

You can take notes in class for up to 15 points extra credit if you turn them in at the end of the quarter. To get all 15 points, you must show that you took notes regularly, have your notes organized/dated by day or week. You have to take notes on paper. This is a policy change.


6. Attend political gathering

You can attend any politician's town hall meeting, campaign stop, etc. for ten points extra credit. I will need a note/email from parents to confirm your attendence. Attending the Iowa Caucus will also get you ten extra credit points. Consider taking pictures as well and it could count as pictures for CWI students.


7. Hot Take on forum

You can write an extra "hot take" on the forum for up to five points extra credit. These posts/comments will also count towards your forum post count



8. Ocassional speakers come to the Harlan area that I encourage students to go to for extra credit. I will let you know if and when this happens.


9. I will allow students to request other options as well. Be sure to talk to me before doing it to get it approved.

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