exotic pets

we all have seen or at least heard of exotic pets examples of such are chimps tigers and crocodiles.

Currently, twenty states have what can be called "comprehensive bans." These bans typically classify wild cats, large non-domesticated carnivores, reptiles, and non-human primates as "dangerous animals" or otherwise prohibit private ownership of these species. These laws may outright ban the ownership of wild or exotic animals as pets or only allow those animals to be kept under certain licenses not including pet or private possession (for educational or scientific pourposes etc.). Thirteen states have partial bans on exotic pets, which means that these states ban specific, listed animals by statute, but not all non-traditional, non-domestic animals (for example, these states may allow ownership of small primates). Fourteen  states permit private ownership of exotic animals under a licensure or permit scheme. People seeking licenses may have to register with the state, prove satisfactory conditions for the keeping of such animals, pay a fee, and maintain liability insurance. The remaining three states do not have a regulatory scheme that directly addresses or controls the private ownership of exotic pets, but may regulate some aspect of ownership. These states may require health certificates or import permits for such animals. (iowa is comprehensive



there are two groups of people the "normal people" with dogs cats and farm animals  and the "exotics" with ferrets and HAMPSTERS and other odd animals 

yes yes yes a dot gov site says that hampsters guenie pigs and other animals that a normal family in iowa can own an exotic animals 


what do you think constitutes an exotic animal 


if there is a boundry where do you think it lies 


what animal speiceise would you ban to only the wild 

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  • Great topic choice and good job replying to students! I do think your summary could be longer and be sure to work on capitalization and puctuation.

  • I think that you should not be allowed to have an exotic pet. Because they need a lot of speical care and a special diet depending on what animal it is. Also depending on what animal you own could cause other or yourself if you do not know how to take care of it.

    • yes there are very meticulous and strenuous parts of being an exotic pet owners like the diet and habitat constraints and other stuff like that 

  • I don't think that you should be allowed to have an exotic animal as a pet. At least, you should need to have a special permit and knowledge about exotic animals because the animals require specific care. The animals should live in their natural environment. 

    • indeed all animals that arnt domesticated should no loger belong in a confined space such as cages and appartments 

  • An exotic animal would be an alligator. I think it needs to remain in the wild and people should not have them as pets because they are dangerous and can cause harm. They are animals that someone doesn't really know what htey are going to do from one minute to the next, unpredictable. I don't think that hamsters and ferrets should be considered exotic. I do think that the animals that are mostly in the wild or in the forests should remain and be able to live their lives without being bothered. I would ban snakes and spiders. I do think that there should be a lot more that should be banned to the wild, but these are the ones definitely

    • most animals in the commercial pet trade are non dangerous like the spiders and snakes at say petsmart they are partialy domesticated and or fangs removed

  • I do not think that exotic animals should be owned by non-professional animal caretakers. Random people who don't know about these animals nor have the habitat and room for these animals, should not own exotic animals. Most of these people just don't have the knowledge, responsibility, time, habitat, etc., to take care of these animals.

    • yes profesionals know the diet the space needed for these animals to thrive 

      and the profesionals should be the only ones to handle / take care of them

  • I always thought exotic animals were animals such as racoons, possums, squirels and such. But just recently I found out they can be animals like tigers and bears and other stuff. I don't think exotic animals belong anywhere but in a zoo. I think dogs, cats, parrots, etc. should be good enough for everyone. 

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