Every couple of years, I like to ask students to fill out a teacher evaluation. Most of what I do in my classes is based on feedback from students over the years. I truly appreciate student's opinions, both positive and negative, and actually use them to make myself a better teacher and my classroom a better place to learn.

Please try to comment on things we do in class such as forum posts/leaders, weekly blogs, groups tests, verbal tests, projects, etc. when answering the questions below. If you would prefer to email me directly instead of commenting here, that is fine as well.

1. What did you enjoy about my class this year? What did I do well as a teacher?

2. What are some suggestions on how I could improve myself as a teacher or my class in general? Please be honest as this is where most of what I currently do has come from.

3. My two biggest goals as a teacher is to be fair and consistent to everyone and show passion in what I do each and every day. Do you feel like I have accomplished those two goals this year? If not, please explain.

4. Do you prefer when I lead class or when it is more student project based? 

Also, if you have time, head on over to Rate My Teacher and rate me there as well. I am currently at a 4.61/5.00 which is great!

Thanks for your comments!!

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  • 1. I enjoyed that you are laid back and allow food in your class. I also like the group tests. Your the only teacher that does the group tests. Since you are up beat and very engaging in your teaching I feel I have learned more than when the teacher isn't. 

    2. I feel that having the desks facing the board so we don't have to turn our heads to the side all the time. 

    3. I think that you have indeed accomplished those goals.

    4. I like it more when you lead the class because I personally don't like speaking in front of the class. I also feel that if your teaching that you can say what you want with out interrupting us. 

    • The reason I turn the desks is so that the presenter is the one that people are focusing on not the board. I don't want to stand in front of the room all the time so that's why I do that. Your argument makes complete sense though. I understand.

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