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Donald Trump announced his intentions to run for President in 2024. With this announcement comes great hope with his , "Make America Great Again" campaign.  In many opinions and mine personally I beleve he should already be the current President based off of faulty voting crudentials and inconciderable indifferences in the counted ballots in the last election. Donald Trump has stated,"It's going to take a time of process but he believes with hard work, his knowledge of business we can still turn this economy around in time. I believe he is the person to be able to do it as well. While Biden has been in office it is my opinion that he has done more harm than good. He destroyed and changed several things former President Donald Trump had in place. Such as building the pipeline. People who didn't agree with building the wall were often and most likely those who also lived in gated communities.  I believe that to move forward and create better practicing policies and leadership he is the man to do just that.  His vast knowledge of business and common sense is truly what we as American's need right now. A no nonsense, tell it like it is leader. 



Donald Trump giving the announcment 

Donald Trump announces a White House bid for 2024 | CNN Politics

Do you feel that trump should be president again why or why not?

If you could vote would you vote for him?

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  • Good topic choice McKenna! Your summary is brief and you didn't reply to any student comments which is worth 30 points. It is also late.

  • I think trump should be president again, I think that because he is very good at what he does, and he also does stuff to better the people. Look at what all has happened since Biden became president, a lot of things that should not have happened. Also if I could vote, I would vote for him in the next election.

  • I think that he should be because look at what happened since Biden became president he stopped a lot of things and causes gas prices to rise. yes, I would because he did a lot of good things for the country and helped it out a lot. 

  • I think Trumo had his ups and downs during his presidency. I do believe that he has a high chance of winning the next election. A lot of voters seem to like what he did within his last presidency. But I'm not into politics much so I don't really have much to say about Trump.

  • I think that trump should run again. I think that he is one of the best contestants that could go against Biden. The only problem is that if another Republican runs the vote would be split into two and then there is a good chance Democrats would win.

  • Yes and no, I believe he should go for it. I believe be should try his best but then again there are going to be many good republicans going for president. He might have a chance and I believe that he might win. I would prolly vote for him only becuase I feel like if he was president again he would finish what he stated. I feel like politics today is just a competition. I feel like politics shouldnt be a competition once its settled it should matter for the people of this country.

  • I think trump should not be president again. I think we should let someone new take over and see if they are better. Most people I know hate trump. I dont hate him but hes not great. If i could vote I would not vote for him becasue i don't think hes the best fit for our country right now.

  • I think in my opion that Donald Trump was an amazing president because he didn't raise the gas and the President now doesn't understand that kids are in highschool have to pay for their gas and doesn't have a lot of money. If I could vote then I think I would vote for him.

  • I hope that Donald Trump is not becoming president again. I can see that being a president is a very hard job and you cannot please everyone, so there is always some criticism about a president. However, I think that Trump's actions have gone too far. There are things he said and did that should not let him be able to become president again. 

  • Yes, I believe that Trump should be president again. When the time comes, I will be voting for Donald Trump. I think that Trump would be good considering just how high the prices have been recently. Also, I don't think that Biden is doing a good job.

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