Does eating out of a plastic container affect your mental health?


The other day my mom told me that I needed to put my food on a plate instead of keeping it in the container and I asked her why? She is a nurse so she knows what she is talking about most time this really made me question if this was true so I have decided to do my form post about it.

Eating out of a plastic container can affect your mental health but not only your physical health too. They can cause cancer, weakened immune system, organ problems, development in delays for kids, metabolic disorders, and  reduced fertility


What kind of foods will this most likely be in fattie or oli foods are the most common that can make you sick or any of these things happen. Therefore you can drink out of plastic containers or bottlers because they are not any of those things. 


Personally, I probably will stop eating out of plastic containers it kind is scary that all these things could happen.


Do you think eating out of plastic containers can affect your mental health?


Are you going to stop eating out of placet containers?


Do you eat out of plastic containers?,including%20obesity)%20and%20reduced%20fertility.

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  • Interesting topic choice and great job replying to people! I do think your summary could be a bit longer.

  • I don't think that it affects mental health at all. How would plastic containers affect mental health any more than a plate, or a plastic fork. It makes no sense, I will not stop eating out of them because its much easier to warm stuff up In one without taking the stuff out.

    • maybe not I could see why people don't think so 

  • I think that eating or drinking out of plastic containers might affect your physical help because there could be some chemicals in your food from the plastic, but I'm not very sure about that. I don't think that it has a big impact on your mental health. 

    • I think that it could be a big impact on people's life we don't see that and with covid I think we will see that 

  • I am not sure if it really can make a big enough difference in mental or physical health to make me want to change what I do. I do not eat out of plastic containers often. I mostly ear out of a glass container, a plate, or a bowl.  I do not really understand how it could be bad for a person's mental health though.

  • I do not think that eating out of a plastic container affects my mental health. Personally, I could care less what I eat out of. I think that what I'm eating would affect me more than what I eat the food out of.  Yes, sometimes I eat leftovers out of plastic containers but I do not feel a change in my mental health.

    • Yes I agree with you but i think heating it up is a huge thing that affects it 

  • I eat out of plastics conainers and I feel fine i may be slightly on the special side but Ill be alright. I do not plan on stopping my eating out of platics cotainers anytime soon since it is has not seemed to kill me or anybody I know.

    • haha yeah i don't know how hight these percentages can be.

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