Does class size affect productivity?

There is a debate between teachers and students whether productivity increases or decreases depending on the number of students in a class. 9 in 10 teachers agree that smaller class sizes are more effective than bigger size ones. According to research, students perform better in smaller classes. The most famous study of class size reduction took place in Tennessee in 1985. They decided to reduce the amount of students from kindergarten through third grade. It resulted that students in classes from 13 to 17 students surpassed scores compared to classes from 22 to 25 students. 

Some benefits of small class sizes are: greater classroom engagement, higher attendance, less distractions and it can allow teachers to give a more individual and personalized attention. Smaller classes also help students build more confidence and friendshipness with other children in the class as interaction is easier between them.

Some cons about smaller classes are: the children do not learn how to interact with a larger group of people. When doing presentations, most students show they are confident to do it in a smaller group but when having to deal with a bigger class all their confidence is lost. This could have a negative effect in the future when having to interact with large groups of people. 

I believe that class size can affect students' productivity and effectiveness. Having less people in a class can increase effectiveness and make students more engaged. However, I think there should be any day of the week where classes enlarge their number so students can learn how to deal with bigger size groups of people and interact with more people. 


Do you think smaller classes are more effective?

Do you think parents should get to choose if they want a bigger or smaller class for their children?


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  • I think the smaller the class, the more things can get done. if you have less students in a class, that means less distractions. if you have a larger class, there is going to be more opportunities to mess around and talk. smaller classes can definetely get more done. 

    • I agree that there is less distractions in a smaller class than in a bigger one.

  • I think that smaller class sizes are better rather than big classes. People that are in smaller classes tend to learn a lot easier. If they have a question and it's a small class the teacher won't be in a rush trying to answer everyone's questions. I also think that smaller classes are easier to control.

    • I think the same as you. Smaller classes help increase the productivity and effectiviness.

  • I think smaller classes are better than largeer classes. If its a smaller class, teachers would be able to individually help each student. There would also be less people causing distraction for the people trying to learn. I personally learn better when I am with a smaller class. 

    • I agree with you. Smaller classes allow teachers to have a more specialized and individual attention to students.

  • No, I don't think that smaller classes are more effective because bigger schools get more money for their people and then they can get better teachers and equipment and then the students can learn a lot more and better. But smaller schools The kids can get more question answerd and have more one on one to learn it better.

    • I disagree with you. Even there is also a lot of big schools that are successful, for teachers it is easier to handle smaller classes and they normally tend to be more effective.

  • I think that having a smaller class is way better than being in a large class. If it is a smaller class teachers would be able to help each student on their individual questions. There would also be less people causing distraction for the people trying to learn. I personally understand or learn better when I am with a smaller class. 

    • I completely agree with you. In smaller classes teachers can give a more individual attention to students and focus more on their needs.

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