CWI Learning Opportunity--Wednesday, May 6

Today's learning opportunity is about the battle our country is currently facing--should you wear a mask or not when we go out? This is a battle that rages in online social networking circles. Please read the linked story and watch the video on the webpage as well. Please share your toughts and opinions in the comment section below. Thanks!

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  • Thanks for sharing your opinions! You all make great points!

  • I believe that in a time like this, it is necessary for people to wear masks, not only to protect yourself, but to protect others as well. It is understood that wearing a facial mask might not be the most comfortable or enjoyable thing ever, but in the long run it is protecting yourself and other people, and that is what is important. I think that it is ridiculous and foolish that so many people are protesting something that protects them and others. These times are diffucult for everyone, but the selfish acts of protesting orders that save lives isnot helping anyone, and deperate times call for desperate measures, and the world is in a crisis, so wearing a mask is not going to kill you, but do quite the opposite. Requiring you to wear a face mask is not infringing upon your rights, but protecting you, and it is what is best for everyone. 

  • I think that by wearing a mask in public, you are helping to protect other people. It's not so much as for yourself, but in case you have COVID-19 and are just asymptomatic, it can help to lessen the spread of the virus. If everyone wore masks, then it would be more difficult to contract COVID-19 because everyone is doing their part to make sure that they're doing their best to not spread it. I think it's ridiculous that some people think it's an infringement of their freedom because they don't seem to realize that it's to help flatten the curve, not to take away their freedom of choice. This isn't about a political matter, it's about the safety and health of the public. As the article said, they're rebelling because they don't want to seem weak. I think they're also reluctant to wear masks because they see government officials like Trump and Pence not wearing masks, and seeing people such as our president not wearing a mask can really impact whether they wear one or not. 

  • I feel like masks don't do very much. I do think that they can keep some of the things from your mouth contained, but not much because most people don't use them properly. My cousin is an RT and said that lots of people that wear masks are wearing them wrong. She said when people wear them below their nose and mess with them throughout the day (continually touch it) it's almost doing as much damage as not wearing one at all. It makes sense to do as much as possible during covid (like wearing a mask,) but if most people are wearing it wrong anyways then it might not do much good after all.

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