• I strongly disagree with the decision of Governor Reynolds. I understand that the government is worried about the economy, but I believe that the people’s health should always be prioritized over pretty much anything else. CoronaVirus in Iowa is just getting worse as of now, even though stay at home orders are in place, so imagine how bad it is going to get when the state opens.

    • Great points Theresa.

  • All of you make good points. We will have too wait several weeks to see if opening up the State was a good move or bad move. We just set an all time high today of around 740 new cases.

  • I think it's too early to be opening businesses and other facilities back up because we clearly do not have the virus under control yet. There were more than 400 new cases yesterday, and I think that we definitely have not flattened the curve enough to start relaxing social distancing measures. While I understand that it's necessary for those who are currently unemployed to get money, I think that by allowing these businesses to open up, we are going to see a spike in our cases because now people have places to go, and therefore the virus can spread even easier than it was before. I think that to avoid losing more lives and putting people at risk, we should wait longer before opening businesses. 

  • I disagree with this very much. Even though you still have to keep your distance, I think that this is just going to make the spread worse. Tons of people are still dying everyday and if we open up restaurants and bars and fitness centers. I think we all need to wait a little bit longer before opening things up because the death rates at this time are not going down. 

  • I have mixed feelings about the govener opening up more of Iowa. On one hand, I'm getting sick of quarantine and social distancing and want everything to open up. I feel like nothing is changing (even though I'm sure it is) and just want things to go back to normal. On the other hand, there are still positive coronavirus cases. We're in about the same situation as we were when we closed everything down, so it doesn't make much sense to open everything up again (even if it is slowly.) 

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