Can Alternative Energy Replace Fossil Fuels Effecttively.

People around the world have always been going over this question of how we can replace fossil fuels efficiently. Well it would at least take three decades to completely leave behind fossil fuels. If we ever do want to change to alternative energy people would have to change some factors of how they live their day to day life. To start the change we would have to find a different source of energy like from wind, but that would also mean we would have to build more wind turbines. Also we could build more solar panels like putting them up on your roof.  Also thanks to air pollution in 2018 there was $2.9 trillion in heath and economic cost and just in a day there is about $8 billion. If we did change to alternative energy it would not just help the environment but also improve heath.

But If we did all of this there would be cons and there are some like renewable energy is not available around the clock like if we have bad weather and the sun is not out the solar panels will not produce energy. Also, technology today is not as efficient as fossil fuels. The efficiency of today's solar panels are between 15% and 20% but coal or other natural gas is at 40% and 60%. Also if we replaced fossil fuels it would take up so much space compared to normal post to generate the same amount of energy. 

I personally think we should do something in the middle of both until we find a good way without all the cons I listed. Like when we have better technology to produce alternative energy in a safer and more efficient way.


What do you think we could do to make energy safer/less pollution.

Do you think we should try to replace fossil fuels?



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  • Good topic choice Hailey! Be sure to post sources. The issue is you didn't reply to any student comments which is worth 30 points.

  • I think that we have to replace fossil fuels if we want to continue living on this planet. Climate change is happening and is destroying our planet right now. For a more sustainable future, we need to overcome fossil fuels and move on to more renewable energy sources. 

  • In my opinion I think that alternate energy is very good for the environment, but to make an efficient amount of energy it wouldn’t be enough. There are 7.8 billion people, time and time again there will be errors and accidents. Our atmosphere would benefit from this, but it’s already very bad. We could maybe alter our lifestyle a little to help.

  • I personally think that we have found many different alternative energy sources; however, they aren't effective. One energy alternative we use a lot is solar panels. These panels can create between 250 and 400 watts each per hour. However, there is always a catch. If there is no sun there is no energy. I wouldn't stop using these alternatives but have a happy medium.

  • The thing with alternate energy is that it is just fossil energy in a different form. A facotry makes the energy and transfers the energy to the house and/or your car.

  • I think that finding a new solution to the burning of fossil fuels is important, especially for future generations. I understand that some people aren't willing to try new things, but I think we should have a happy medium. A lot of people don't like the concept of electric cars, but I think it is important to try stuff like this, so that we can try potentially better solutions for the earth. 

  • I think that we are constantly finding new alternative ways of energy, but they don't last long, or they have some kind of catch in them. With wind turbines, you need wind - no wind = no energy, with solar panels you need sun - no sun = no energy. Other fuels like ethenol, works well and is made with corn, that can help curb the useage of fossil fuels until we can find a better, longer alterantive for energy

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