Artificial Turf Vs. Natural Grass



     There has been a lot of debate on whether natural grass or artiifical turf is better in lawns, playing fields for sports, etc. There are definitely pros and cons to both. Artificial turf is increasing in many places especially football fields, baseball fields, and even some yards. We will look at the pros and cons of both so you can decide which one you think is better or which one you prefer.

     We will start with artificial turf. To begin, artificial turf can be expensive to install and isn't biodegradeable. It can also trap bacteria in warm and wet climates and it can get very hot on warm days. There is less give in artificial turf as well. This causes many knee and ankle injuries and many turf burns. However, turf requires very little maintenance and eliminates fertilizers, pesticides, etc. It also always looks healthy and is ready all year round which helps people in super dry climates. It can last a long time and there are many varieties of color and types of turf as well.

     Natural grass has many pros and cons as well. First off, you can't beat the look and feel of a nicely mowed lawn or field. Growing grass is cheaper than turf and it is also better for the environment. There is more give on natural grass causing less injuries in sports the playing surface is cooler. Some cons of natural grass is that it needs to be mowed, watered, fertilized, which can take a while and be difficult to maintain. It also can't be used all year round.

     I personally like natural grass better. I like taking care of it and putting a little extra work in and think it looks better. However, turf is nice because it can be used all the time.


What do you prefer?

Have you ever played on turf?

Does turf or natural grass look better to you?





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  • I prefer playing sports on a well taken care of natural grass field, falling on turf hurts a lot more than natural grass. I also don't like how hot the turf gets, although it can be played on at all times because it can't get muddy I like grass better. Turf looks a lot better in my opinion and the grass takes a lot more work, but I prefer grass. 

  • I prefer turf more because I think that it reduces injuries but I think that people like it better because they won't have to take care of it like mowing and painting it. I've played on turf for most of my life for the most part in sports because I think that most schools like turf more than grass. I think that if the grass gets taken care of I like it better than turf.

  • In my opion I personally like the turf that we play on now, but it causes alot of ACL injuries. Some reasons why people like the turf fields is because you don't have to take care of it. For example, paintings the lines and mowing the field before each sporting event. 

  • I think a clean cut grass field would be a lot better. I believe there is more injuries on turf fields compared to turf. All of our football games were on turf and it makes you sore. I think High school turf fields are better looking than high school grass fields, but college grass fields are better than college turf fields. 

    • I agree with you. College grass fields are very well taken  care of and there is usually less knee injuries on them.

  • I think natural grass is better for everything but sporting events. I prefer to play on turf for soccer, just because it is softer usually and causes less injurys. With real grass, there are holes and hills that make it hard to play on, and make people roll their ankles more often.

  • well it defends because natural grass sometimes can look nice and feel nice but in some other fields natural grass it really bad it depends on the field. in my oppinion both of them are pretty nice but i preffer plating in turf because it feels nicer.

  • I think that Natural grass looks better becuase when you take the time it will look really good. People that have turf grass they have a lot of maintiance to do for turf and it also costs a lot of money to have turf grass put in your yard.

  • I prefer turf just because it's a lot more smooth. I play soccer so it's easier for dribbling and passing, and I think for even just running, it makes it easier. I have played on turf, and granted you can get turf burn, I still think it hurts less than grass. I just feel the ground is harder. I think turf looks better as well.

  • I think that turf can be dangerous if you play soccer, football or any sport that deals with a field. I think that Natural grass is a way better type of grass to play on. It feels better if you fall or slide on it and you won’t get turf burns from it. I think that we should get rid of the turf fields because it is more dangerous than natural grass.

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