Artemis 1 Launching!

The Artemis space program is a NASA powered program that is trying to get people back on the moon. Officially Artemis 1 launched November 16 at around 1 am. It was launched at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The launch was delayed 4 times but on Wednesday it was finally launched. 


The Artemis Program is trying to get people to go back to the moon. It is also for research if we humans can colonize the moon and build civilizations there. The mission is projected to last around 26 days. The spacecraft will have to travel 1.3 million miles to get to the moon. The spacecraft will stay in orbit for 6 straight days to collect data for researchers to analyze. 


The reason it was named artemis was because it was named after Apollo's mythical twin sister. Apollo 11 was the first spacecraft to land on the moon with people. Such people were Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Edwin Aldrin. 


Do you think it is a good idea to send people to the moon again? Why?


Do you think it would be possible to colonize the moon? Why?

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  • Good topic choice but your summary is quite brief. Be sure to check in that last day to see if people commented.

  • I think that people should be able to go to the moon again because to check up on what we missed or what is happening on the moon currently and rather not go and not know what is going on in the moon and if anything is off or if other people went there while we were gone or not on the moon.

  • I think that going to the moon would be a good idea and if we could colonize the moon then it would be benificial to humans because we could have more compacity to hold humans and earth wouldn't have to have such a dence population of humans.

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