Are the moon landings fake?

People believe that the moon landings were all fake. They think that the U.S. faked the Moon missions to deal a blow against the USSR or to boost NASA funding. It could've even been to divert attention away from the Veitnam war. There are many more theorys, but these are the main ones. They sprang from people finding odd things in pictures taken on these trips. 

One of the most popular conspiracy theorys is how there is no stars in any of the pictures. This is proven wrong by all of the landings happening during daytime, so the brightness of the moons surface blocks the light of the stars from the camera. Others found the letter C on a picture of a moon rock, but analysing the original photo, the ‘C’ isn’t there. It was most likely a piece of hair or thread during copying.

I think the moon landings are real because from the Apollo Moon missions, there are 8,400 publicly available photos, thousands of hours of video footage, scientific data, and full transcripts and audio recordings of all air-to-ground conversations. There is also 842 pounds of moon rock in NASA's possession. Armstrong and Aldrin planted a device on the Moons surface that reflects lasers to earth and it is still optional today.


Do you think the Moon landings are real or fake?

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  • Good topic choice Masen(+5)! I do think your summary could be longer and you only ask one question and it is a yes/no question. You only replied a couple of times as well.

  • I personally think that the moon landings were real. Although a lot of people think that they are fake I think there is not a good enough reason for them to fake the landing and I think the reason for the shadows was just because of the old cameras that weren't very good.

  • I think that the moon landing is  real. I know that a lot of people think that they are fake because on the video the shadow does not make sense or there shoyuld not be wind blowing. I think that they just recreated the video because they either did not film the landing or the quality was too bad at the end. 

  • At the time we were in a race with other countries to get there. I believe it was too important for us to fake and if we did I think another country actually making it there before us would just be embarrassing for NASA to know even if everyone else didn't.

  • I believe the moon landing was real. Considering the year in which we first landed on the moon, it would have been rather difficult to alter and create fake images, due to the state of our technology then. It would also be very hard to come up with and digitally create all the images we had from previous moon landings.

  • Personally I believe that the moon landing is very controversial because many people believe each side. But, I think that it is real because I think it would be very hard to fake something so important that means so much to many other countries as well. 

  • I don't think the moon landing have been faked. Because who can the NASA keep their people quiet and how do we know all the stuff about the moon. Also all the stuff they have recorded and the rock they brought back.

  • I personally believe that the moon landings were definitely real. One of the main reasons I feel this way is that it just seems incredibly improbable that NASA would be able to keep a countless number of people silent about the moon landings  if they were fake. 

  • I think that the moon landing was indeed real. There was a lot of evidence that supports this, so I don't understand why people doubt that we accomplished this. Also, I believe that it would be too hard to fake, so it has to be real.

  • I do not believe that the moon landings are fake because I do have some knowledge of the moon landing. The Soviet Union and the United States had a "space race", and the united states landed with video proof in July of 1969, so I do believe it is real. 

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