Are Semester Tests Necessary?

At the end of each semester, students are required to take a big assessment for each class to show what they have learned and whether or not they are proficient. These tests usually have a big impact on the student’s grade. Studies have shown that these tests stress out students AND teachers, especially at the end of the year. But are these tests really necessary and beneficial for the student’s future?

Big impactful tests like these can be very beneficial to students. In an article, Chicago Tribune, it states, “if we didn’t have exams that accounted for large percentages of our grades, students would no longer have the opportunity to drastically change how they do at the end of the semester”. This could support both sides of the argument. Some students, with a lower grade, might be very thankful for these tests so then they have the opportunity to bump their grades back up. However, some students with high grades may not like these tests because they are afraid that it will lower their grade. So should these tests be less impactful on students’ grades?

Semester tests can cause a lot of stress on students. Students have to spend hours upon hours studying for these tests. Not because they don’t know the information, but because there is so much information all packed into one test. The studying part can be stressful, but also just taking the tests. Most of these tests are very long in length or just very time consuming. Not just students, but teachers too. Teachers have to prepare all of the study guides and usually make these long tests. People and students can’t forget that teachers put in a lot of effort into their job into making sure all students have a chance to be successful in life and giving students as many opportunities as possible. And the better you do on these tests, the more opportunities you will have. 

Would it be better if we replaced semester tests with semester projects? Projects can be less stressful and can be worked on over time, not in a small period of time. However, some people, like myself, are not very creative. Many classes do choose to do projects instead, however, most classes just stick to tests, especially the core classes. So this could really go both ways. Or like Bruns' classes, maybe semester tests could be group tests. Making it less stressful, but still a test. Personally, I really like having group tests, not to rely on my classmates, but to be less stressed. A flaw could be a student slacking, but maybe their could be rules applied. Maybe if a student is slacking, they are kicked out of the group tests. There are many other alternative options than just big impactful semester tests.

In my opinion, I think that semester tests are necessary and beneficial for a student’s future. Though it may be very stressful, I think that it is very important for the student. However, I believe that these semester tests shouldn’t impact our grades so much. I usually have a really good grade in all classes, but when I take semester tests, my grade always happens to go down. Usually because it is really hard to get a 100% on these tests. 


Are semester tests necessary?


Would it be better to have semester projects?


How much should semester tests impact a students’ grade?

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    • I agree, we put so much work in the entire year, and 1 big test at the end can determine whether we pass or not? It's not right.

  • I think they are not very important because it causes stress on the students. Some students aren't the best at taking tests. I think projects or group tests would work out better because all of the students would be more comfortable and relieved. 

    • I also think that the tests are really stressful, however, I still feel that they are important.

  • No, I dont think semester test are necessary. I think there dumb because you cant remember everything you did for a whole semester and I have never seen anyone get 100% on a semester test. I never do good on the test because I dont care about them I think there pointless.

    • I can see your perspective, I think that if anything, they should make the tests less impactful on your grade.

  • Although they suck, I think semester tests are necessary. It's just a simple way to see if you actually learned something throughout the year. I don't think it should be a project because I would personally rather take a test for 45 minutes than put in more work and time for a prodject. It sounds lazy but I just want to get it over with.

    • I personally put in a lot of work for studying for semester tests. I always try my best to do good on these tests, but I think they should impact our grade less.

  • even though i dont like semester test i think they are nessesary because thats the only way they can see how much we have learned throghout the year, and yes i do think presenting a project would be better thats just in my oppinion.

    • Most students dislike these tests, but at the end of the day, they are beneficial and needed for our school.

  • I think semester tests are necessary, it's just a simple way to see if you actually learned something throughout the year. I don't think it should be a project, I personally just want to answer some questions and get the tests over with. I don't want to have to come up with something "unique and individual".

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