Are GMOs good or bad

What are GMOs? They are genetically modifed food. I have seen a lot of people over the internet tallking about if GMOs are good or not. The first GMO food was developed in 1994 by Calgene, it was engineered to have a longer shelf life.


It has been estimated that there is is an upwards of 75% of foods on supermarket shelves are gmos. The proos of gmos are More nutritious food, less use of pesticdes, increased supply of food with reduced cost and longer shelf life, and faster growing plants and animals. The cons of gmos are they might contribute to a rise in allergic reactions, GMOs may conribute to antiboic resistance, some research has linked GMOs to cancer, and Very few companies are in charge of all the GMO seed market.


To me I think GMOs are good for us but I think they need to work on some things. But I think it would be good it will make food last longer and it will decres the amont of pestasides  used  on crops. What do you think are GMOs bad or good?



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  •  Good topic choice and one that hasn't been done before so +5. I would like to see your summary longer and be sure to link your sources. The big issue is that you didn't reply to any student comments which is worth 30 points.

  • I think that GMO's are extremely beneficial to our society. It helps us produce better crops at a higher rate, which means the prices can be lower and people can get healthier food at a more affordable price. I can see how some people might think that GMO's are not good but I think that the good definitly out weigh the bad.

  • I think GMOs are beneficial to help farmers grow more crops easier. I don't think they are unhealthy for consumers and they can make a more nutritious.

  • GMOs seems both good and bad. Because on one hand they have bigger self life and are able to be grown closer or privide more in a bunch. But at the same time they might be bad because if you change a lot of the food then is it really the original food?

  • I think that there are some cons to GMOs but at the same time there are some pros to them. I think that it helps business and it helps farmers keep up with the demands and needs. At the same time some people fear the risks of GMOS. I could understand both sides of the argument.

  • I think that GMO's are good, especially for the farmer. THere is no way that the farmers are going to be able to feed the rapidly increasing population with less land without the use of GMO's. I think GMO's get a very bad reputation for no reason at all.

  • I think GMO's are a good thing for farmer. Gmo's are helping farmers produce higher yeilds in crops without taking every last bit of nutrients, etc., out of their soil. GMO's help farmers produce food for the rapidly increasing population, with less land every day.

  • I think that GMO's are good. Farmers have to keep growing food for the world and the population is going up and the places to grow food are going down. Without GMO's there would be a lot of waste, but there could be a way to make them safer for people and their health.

  • I think that GMO's are good. Without GMO's farmers wouldn't be able to keep up with the growing world. We are estamated to get like a billion more people on this planet and we are running out of space to grow food. GMO's just make sure each plant/animal gets the most out of its production and time.

  • Think of how much food would be wasted if we didn't have GMOs. We are already facing a pretty big world hunger/food waste issue. Things would spoil faster, resulting in people throwing out food more often. However, it would be a good idea to make GMOs less harmful to people's health. 

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